Hello, Welcome Friends!


  My name is Sara Binder.

I am a CSNN Registered Holistic Nutritionist and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I began my own health consulting practice Eat to Thrive Nutrition following my graduation at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to share my passion for nutrition and holistic health. I have always wanted to give my body the best care as it is the only vehicle I will have in this life. I have struggled with personal health issues that prevented me from doing the things that I love most including many physical hobbies.  I have always been passionate about fitness and fascinated by nutrition, constantly reading new studies and books on the topic. I was searching for answers as I wanted to support my lifestyle to feel my very best and over come my barriers. There are so many diet fads and conflicting ideas out there about what to eat, I understand it can be very confusing and this is where I want to help!

One of the most important yet simple things I learnt in school is that there is no one perfect diet that will work for everyone. A holistic approach to health involves assessing individuals as a unique whole, finding the root cause of their symptoms; By supporting the individual with dietary and lifestyle changes we bring balance to the body eliminating the root cause and symptoms fall away. I believe where there is balance there is little or no place for disease. Nourishing our bodies with proper nutrition is something we should all understand and be able to use as a tool to reduce our risk of rising chronic degenerative diseases. Eating the wrong foods can contribute to many health complications big and small. By nourishing ourselves with a wholesome diet and a balanced lifestyle we can be at our best well-being and live our most fulfilling life.


My Mission

If we can do anything to improve our wellness, quality of life and happiness, we should!

On a cellular level nutrition is the source of fuel that keeps our bodies alive. It can also be so much more if we learn how to discover and satisfy our individual requirements. By nourishing our bodies with a wholesome diet and active lifestyle, we can be at an optimal state of health and well-being.

Nutrition and exercise are both essential tools for prevention and can be effective therapy in management of disease. I believe nourishing our bodies with optimal nutrition is something we should all understand and be able to use as a tool to reach our personal health goals and reduce our risk of rising chronic degenerative diseases. I am dedicated to educating and guiding you so that you can feel your very best and live your most fulfilling life!

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