Benefits of Lemon Water

I look forward to it after a groggy wake up. It makes me feel warm and clean inside, I know I am setting myself up for a great day. 
Not only has it become a soothing and comforting morning ritual, it holds many healthful benefits: 

  • As the body fasts throughout the night it is important to re-hydrate as we wake. Adding the fresh taste of lemon and warming our water may increase our water intake, as we often prefer hot beverages when our bodies haven't warmed up in the morning.
  • By adding lemon we begin to activate our digestive system to secrete hcl from our stomach to help us digest our first foods.Which is why this is also a good practice to include before meals.Especially for those with low stomach acid. If our digestion is working well, gas, sluggishness, bloating are reduced after meals and elimination should function normally.
  • Lemon water assists our bodies in detoxification and eliminating of excess waste. On an empty stomach, lemon water gently cleanses our liver. Since this major organ encounters a lot of toxic offences from our diet, alcohol, environmental stresses; a little lemon water is the least we could do to help our detoxifying friend keep working hard for us.
  • Lemon water is also known to aid in weight loss as it increases our metabolism and has been known to reduce hunger. As it improves digestive function, over-eating as a results is less likely to occur because satiety is reached sooner when we can actually digest and absorb the nutrients from our food. Not to mention this practice may be a zero calorie replacement for less beneficial sugary beverages some may consume otherwise.

Sip up a soothing cup of clean hot water with a wedge of organic lemon and see how you feel! 
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