My Radio Show Interview Experience

I was recently invited to be a guest speaker on a radio show. It was an 8 minute segment, interviewing me mainly on what I offer as a holistic health coach. I didn't have much time to give others the chance to tune in but I wanted to share my experience with this interview!

There will be a recording at some point, but writing a follow up also felt appropriate. The questions the radio host asked allowed me to think from another perspective and learn more about my own inspirations, motivations and goals working in this industry, which I wanted to share with you! 

I found myself having endless words to answer his very simple questions, I could not help it!

Heres what went down..

Please give a description of your company and the products/services you offer:

As an RHN and Personal Trainer, I provide nutrition and fitness coaching to individual clients looking to further improve their health. 

My approach is holistic so programs are designed specifically to fill each of my clients individual needs, considering each of their unique symptoms, health concerns, goals and current habits. 
I provide one on one coaching which includes meal plans, special diet recommendations or protocols, workout plans and personal training sessions. 
The result is to bring balance to the body, improve overall wellness, while reducing and managing their issues of concern. 
This looks very different for every client. It is my goal with each client to educate and empower them with a solid understanding of their bodies individual needs, leaving them with the confidence to make the necessary choices and develop effective habits to support their health.

Tell us about your background of your business and yourself.

I have always been interested and inspired by all things wellness related.
I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2015 as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and immediately began practising Nutrition Coaching. I originally offered consulting, meal plans as well as personal meal preparation for additional support to my clients.
Between this time I have also had various relative part time jobs including working for a very successful Integrative Naturopath Clinic, But I wanted to personally make a difference, and work one on one with individuals.
I have also followed my education in nutrition with yoga teacher training, became a certified personal trainer and have added personal training services to support clients as well.
I wanted to add exercise into my coaching services as it is essential to health, being active with pain free mobility is part of a holistic lifestyle. Fitness has always been a passion of mine in addition to food and wellness!
I recently took another course with Restore Human in sustainable fitness. Which in a few words focuses on sustainable fitness.

What inspired you to pursue your profession?

I have definitely had influencers throughout my journey from various healers and leaders. But to be honest my own experience has been the most inspiring teacher. 

I have always wanted to do the best for my body, it just makes sense to me. We only get one, why not treat it well, fuel it properly, nourish it with nutritious food, movement and proper rest?
The return from treating your body with conscious care is freedom in a sense. The freedom to feel amazing in your body without restriction, not being weighed down by fatigue, pain, injury, excess weight or disease. 

Once I started searching for ways to improve my own health, I personally felt noticeably better with every little change I made. I became very dedicated to this because I felt so energized and there seemed to always be more to learn and endless healthy habits to adopt. There is always more to learn because the body is always changing, especially when your environment is changing, you have to adapt, your needs change with this.

When I don't give my body proper care, say I binged on alcohol, missed out on sleep or didn't take the effort to eat well for a while, I start to feel horrible and develop very undesirable symptoms almost immediately. It is very clear to me that this is my bodies way to communicate to me this is not OK and it is not being nourished.

The freedom, energy and lightness I feel on my own wellness path when I nourish my body properly has inspired me to share this confidence and freedom with others. 

I could go on but thats enough about me!

Another large inspiration or motivator for me is how unhealthy and disconnected from food and health North America has become as a culture.
The rise of lifestyle related degenerative diseases and health conditions is insane! In reality these diseases and issues are simple to prevent.
We are so far along with technology and medicine, yet we know way more about how our cellphones work than we know about our own bodies!
The Canadian Food Guide, The Pharmaceutical Industry, Media, Marketing, Fast Food Industries, The Dairy Industry, population growth among other things we face daily hugely influenced our health choices and the way we eat.
We can't rely on Doctors or the Canadian Food Guide to tell us what to eat to be healthy.
Too often when we have symptoms we are quickly prescribed medication to cover them up but come along with a list of other symptoms and side effects. The cause of our symptoms are often not addressed or even considered. We are prescribed antibiotics way too often which again leads to additional issues beyond antibiotic resistance. This also avoids addressing the initial cause,  reduces our bodies resilience and the ability to heal itself declines. We are prescribed birth control for so many different reasons besides simply birth control and this is another contributor to many other health issues. Thats a whole other topic, I could talk about for days.
Its not that I am trying to devalue MDs and medicine because they are incredibly valuable and have a place for sure but for many of these issues don't provide a sustainable solution!
I am not claiming to know more than a doctor. I am a passionate individual who pays a lot of attention to health, I have taken the time to educate myself and want to share what I learn with others so we can all feel great! 

Back to what inspires me.... 

We are so disconnected with where our food comes from, how it effects us, how it is digested in our bodies, the effects on our hormones, how our diet and lifestyle contributes to these degenerative diseases... 
Most of us don't seem to care about our health until we are sick or 50lbs over weight or pre-diabetic. 
But is it really our fault? We are given so many mixed messages and misinformation on what healthy food is.
For example the marketing all over drug stores or tv that claim " women are guaranteed Osteoporosis if we do not drink X amounts of diary milk per day. " This could not be further from the truth! 

Food should be simple, we should all know how to "be healthy" and choose the right foods to fuel us properly. This should be a basic foundation for how we live, so we can focus on bigger things! Everyone should confidently understand how to properly care for themselves and nourish their bodies. This is where I want to make changes!

Where do you see yourself in the near future?

I see myself educating on a larger scale, sharing sustainable wellness practises with my clients, helping others understand and value how much control they actually have over their own health.
Along with many of the great holistic health influencers, shifting the way we view nutrition and wellness. Paying attention to our own bodies symptomatology or experiences and putting a lot more effort into self care.
Being proactive in our own prevention of rising diet and lifestyle related diseases. And to reconnect our culture with where our food comes from so we can all be more conscious consumers!

What simple health advice can you give listeners?

Drink plenty of water, move your body often, eat more plants, get sufficient rest, practice self love. 

Go deeper, tune into your body and give it what it truly needs, if you don't know, seek help and educate yourself!

Thank you for reading my rant!  

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