Be Body Positive and Practise Self Love

No matter what your weight or body fat percentage, you are a human who deserves respect and love - ultimately from yourself.
Your relationship with you is the most important relationship in your life. A practice of self-love and gratitude for your body and all that it is will help you radiate the positivity necessary to have greater influence on others, feel happier, healthier and attract success. 

In a perfect world, we would exercise regularly and eat healthy because we love our bodies and want to stay in great shape so we can do all the things we love without being restricted by pain or disease. We would be grateful every day for what our bodies can do and the billion things happening inside that keep us alive! 

Unfortunately, we lose sight of how amazing our bodies are as social media bombards us with seemingly flawless models and celebrities to which we set our aesthetic standard. There’s a tendency to idealize these perfect people and believe we need to be as thin as them to be considered beautiful or healthy. Many of these fitness idols or celebrities are paid to dedicate their time and energy to look this way; perhaps they’re not balancing school, a full time job or family on top of it.

These filtered and photo shopped images do not set realistic or sustainable standards for the general person. Suffering by comparison to others and pressure we put on ourselves is not a practice of self love nor an act of compassion. We wouldn't do that to our best friend, so why do it to ourselves?

It is important to remember how much genetics shape our body composition. You can only do so much to change your body. Accept it as yours and love it no matter what. If you want to set body composition goals, compare and compete with yourself to your former self, not some perfect celebrity with the illusion of perfect abs and flawless skin. Fulfillment cannot be found in striving to be like someone else. Just be you and love being you. 

Consider your health and general wellbeing over your physical image. According to most studies, between 18.5 - 25 % body fat for a woman is considered healthy. Women with below 18.5% body fat are potentially putting their health at risk. We need fat cells to support regular hormones which is why when we have lower body fat we lose our periods, get depressed and develop many other hormonal related issues. We are all so uniquely different, we feel and function best at our own unique body composition so getting obsessed over these numbers wont do us any good. 

Chances are you’re already super awesome. Don't strive to be perfect or uber thin - strive to feel awesome and healthy. Resist the urge to compare yourself to others and live a healthy lifestyle because you love your body.

Create a practice of self love; the more compassion you have for yourself the more compassion you have for others.  

A Few Ways to Practice Self Love: 

Daily Positive Affirmations - set positive intentions, manifest positive experiences

Daily Body Gratitude - tell your body how grateful you are to be able to walk, run, work, play, anything!

Positive Self Talk - tell yourself often what you love about your body, congratulate yourself on accomplishments big and small, be proud of your progress, failures too because those take courage and are often our biggest lessons

Daily Gratuity Journaling - start your day by writing down 5 or so simple things you are grateful for

Take care of your health - nourish your body, heart and soul