New Year Diet Reset / Whole Foods Cleanse

This Reset Diet Program is intended for those looking to start healthier eating habits in general or have "eating better" as their new years resolution! 

The intention of the program is to remove dietary insults that may build up toxins and negatively impact your health. Replacing these with healthier eating habits including plenty of nourishing whole foods that support safe natural cleansing within the body!

It is not a restrictive diet or intense cleanse!

After the holidays we tend to feel that we have forgotten our better eating habits and indulged in too many treats. Lets support each other to get back on tract together. 

A gentle cleanse is very beneficial time to time and the start of a new year is a great time to start new goals and projects. 

Benefits of the program may include:
reduce our toxic load by an elimination diet
support detox with cleansing whole foods
improved digestion and elimination
improved energy and skin
support of natural weight loss
learning about nourishing foods and adopt healthier eating habits

It will include:
A fun workshop hosted by me to get you started. We will discuss cleansing and toxins. I will cover the details of the program with some provided snacks over an hour. You will have the chance to ask any questions and discuss any challenges you have. 

To take home:
You will receive a meal plan and recipe book for examples of the foods included in the program.

You will also receive unlimited support and resources throughout your journey.

The program is intended to be done for two weeks, although you may choose to continue it on your own. 

The provided meal plan and recipes are mainly plant based with plenty of vegetables but welcomes and adapts to any diet - vegan, vegetarian or omnivore. 

Join in Saturday January 6th @ 11:00 am to get started on your new healthy eating habits and whole foods cleanse!

Feel free to contact me with any questions beforehand. 

The cost is $45 per person. 

There are limited seats so please get in contact with me by Dec 20th to reserve your spot! 

sara binder