Sweat with Sara

Being consistently active is so important for your health and no it doesn't have to be in a gym! 30 minutes of activity each day for the maintenance of good health is the minimum recommended, although I don't love to put numbers on things. If you can find something that you truly love that allows you to move your body and do that for the rest of your life or until you find your next love that is what I would recommend you make your goal instead. It is such a wonderful thing and you wont need to count the minutes!

As a holistic nutritionist I know eating well is not enough, and neither is exercise. They are both essential to our health which is why I want to share both of my passions with you so you can love them too, feel confident in your body, strong, healthy and happy!

My Qualifications Include:
ACE Certified - Personal Trainer
CSNN Registered - Holistic Nutritionist
Restore Human Coach Level 1  
Fit Flow - Yoga Teacher Training
Red Cross First Aid - Level One

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you don’t have to go fast, you just have to go

The goal is Empowerment, I want you to feel freedom, strength and confidence in your meat suit!

What I offer:

I offer Personal Training for those new to exercise or those looking to improve the efficiency of their current workouts. I primarily focus on improved mobility and strength training. I encourage doing what brings you joy, so your fitness is sustainable. I also have a lot of experience and special interest and experience in booty building if that interests you!

My style I like to mix functional body weight exercises with resistance training and HIIT. I also focus on improving mobility with restorative exercises. I love to take workouts outdoors if thats your thing.
But my training is always personalized to my clients goals and designed to correct imbalances to promote a healthy sustainable body for an active pain free lifestyle.
If you would like to work on increasing strength, building lean muscle mass, improve posture, train for endurance, prepare for a race, improve functional mobility, build your booty, tone or reduce body fat I can help you here!

Note: current nutrition clients receive 10 % off personal training sessions
and nutrition plans are also offered at a discount to my personal training clients

My personal fitness journey: 
I have spent over 8 years doing non competitive body building, many sea wall and trail runs, a few half marathons and 10 k races, many hiking adventures, and yoga in between, I truly love it all! I grew up encouraged to spend as much time as possible outdoors by my nature loving mom, we did many hikes and walks connecting to nature and getting fresh air. Being surrounded by trees mountains and water is so nourishing to me, when I get the chance to take my workouts outside, I do. My most consistent work in the past few years has been in the gym with weights, I never thought I would love it before I started but I have never felt more strong and confident in my body than I do now, having some muscle tone, and noticing my strength improve. Simply spending an hour a day working on myself, feels amazing. I am energized, more positive and ready for the day after an awesome workout. Yes looking fit and toned is nice but honestly this is just a side effect. Feeling confident, strong and that I am taking care of my body, constantly pushing myself doing something that feels great is much more fulfilling than aesthetics! Being consistently active and dedicated to my fitness has been an essential part of managing my own depression. Endorphins are powerful! 

Pricing & Locations

My 1 hour sessions are $85.00.  I work from two Studios in Kits and South Granville, But I also do outdoor and in home sessions with my clients within the City.

Package Pricing

For best results I offer 10 sessions for $750. For 10 sessions packs, all appointments must be made within a 20 week period.
Nutrition plans are also offered at a discount to my personal training clients. 

Nourish Your Body with Breath, Movement, Real Food, Fulfilling Relationships

Nourish Your Body with Breath, Movement, Real Food, Fulfilling Relationships