Eat to Thrive Testimonials.


"Sara consulted me on the 3-month program to help me with a variety of health issues, including chronic knee pain and issues with my skin. The consultation process was professional and courteous and I felt like she truly understood my needs and the challenges that I faced. Sara’s take-home recommendations were simple and easy to follow. Furthermore, her detailed recommendations were detailed and insightful. On our first follow up visits she supported my progress and gave me new strategies to try to help follow the recommendations that she had provided. By following her plan, my skin issues have cleared up, I have gained energy, stamina and have significantly reduced my chronic knee pain through her simple dietary and lifestyle changes.
I would highly recommend the nutritional consulting offered by Eat to Thrive Nutrition!"

- B.I.

"I saw Sara because I wanted to learn how to use nutrition to support my Anxiety, Depression and a variety of other difficult symptoms I used to experience daily. I didn't know what to expect, I had come to adapt to a lot of discomforts throughout my daily life. She pointed out that I may have a condition called candida. This caused me to have constant irregular bowel movements, constant fatigue, stomach aches, head aches, blurred vision and many of my favorite foods upsetting my stomach daily. She recommended some simple but effective foods to eat, foods to discontinue eating for the time being and some simple but helpful exercises. She also recommended some vitamins and natural supplements that reduced all of these symptoms, and ones that helped me with anxiety and depression. Since seeing Sara I have been consistently regular, all the aches and pains I had grown to function with had disappeared. I can now eat whatever I want without an upset stomach. As I continue to take specific Vitamins she educated me on as well as follow her basic nutrition and lifestyle recommendations my anxiety and depression is to a minimum where it rarely interrupts my daily life.

I feel blessed that Sara was able to help me get well without any kind of pharmaceutical drugs. I feel better than ever thanks to her natural, simple but effective health support, that gave me long term results!"

 - Rachamin

"I always recommend Sara to anyone, including athletes, looking to improve and dial in their over all health and performance.  

Before I met her I had cancer twice. I am now healthy and running 10 km races for fun. She has a great wealth of the best advice and has been key in helping me achieve my personal health goals. Sara has a lot of vibrant energy to match her professional attitude and is a pleasure to work with.  

Thank you Sara!!"

 - Jeffery M.